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About North Haven Pharmacy

Family owned and operated since 1964, North Haven Pharmacy is about preserving our past while looking into our future as a successful, independent pharmacy that continues to provide exceptional care for our patients and the community. Our staff is a well rounded group of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who are happy to offer quality service in a neighborly atmosphere.

Gerard Acampora, RPh

Gerard graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy in 1978. He joined his father, Pasquale, in the family business. Gerard, along with his brother, Lawrence Acampora, purchased the Pharmacy in 1986. Lawrence has since retired while Gerard continues to serve the community as the Pharmacist/owner of North Haven Pharmacy.

As owner and lead pharmacist at the family-owned, independent North Haven Pharmacy, Gerard Acampora learned how to support his community from his father.

“Many, many times on his way home from work he would deliver medicine to a family, or if someone couldn’t afford a medication, he said, ‘No worries, take your medicine. Pay me when you can.’ I saw that in my father, and it’s continued with me,” Gerard says.

That sense of compassion is one of the most critical responsibilities for a pharmacist such as Gerard to have, along with being a resourceful, friendly listener who can help navigate individuals through what can be the dizzying and intimidating world of prescription drugs.

Lisa C. Awugah, PharmD

Lisa C. Awugah, PharmD

Lisa graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy with her doctorate of pharmacy in 2009. There she was presented with the Pharmacy Commission Award for excellence in the community pharmacy experiential program. She then joined the staff at North Haven Pharmacy as a full-time pharmacist working alongside her father to provide quality service to the Town of North Haven and surrounding communities as started by her grandfather.

Kathleen I. Acampora, Front Store Manager, Bookkeeper, Pharmacy Technician

Kathleen worked as a real estate paralegal in the legal profession for 23 years. She began working full-time in the Pharmacy in 2006 with her husband, Gerard. One of her many responsibilities is being the gift buyer for the pharmacy.

Stephanie Acampora Hryb, Pharmacy Technician

Stephanie Acampora Hryb is the daughter of Gerard and Kathleen. Stephanie, along with her sister Lisa, spent much of her childhood in the pharmacy helping Dad and Grandpa Pat. She returned to join the staff of North Haven Pharmacy and is a welcome addition. Stephanie was most recently employed as a first grade teacher at Green Acres School in North Haven. She is taking leave from her teaching profession to raise her two sons, Jack and Will. Stephanie resides with her husband, John and their two sons.

Dr. Paul Acampora, Pharmacy Technician

Paul Acampora is the brother of Gerard and Lawrence Acampora and is the son of Pasquale Acampora. Paul joined the staff at North Haven Pharmacy in 2012. Paul is a retired physician who started his career as an emergency department physician at Waterbury Hospital and retired most recently from the practice of occupational medicine at Concentra. He is the proud father of two daughters and a son as well as six grandsons. He resides with his wife, Giovanna.

Our Family-Owned History

Pasquale Acampora, RPh

Pasquale graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy and began his career at Grannis Corner Pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut where he worked for 18 years. In 1964 he opened North Haven Pharmacy. Pat built a successful business and a loyal clientele with hard work and long hours. He was dedicated to serving his community. Pat retired in 1986 leaving the Pharmacy in the hands of his son, Gerard Acampora, RPh.

Lawrence Acampora, Retired

Lawrence was a part owner of the Pharmacy from 1986 until 2010 during which time he was responsible for the ordering of front end merchandise and special orders. He retired in 2010 but still remains active in some aspects of the pharmacy business.

Pasquale graduated

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