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North Haven Pharmacy takes pride in not only being a provider of medicine and health needs, but also a resource. Here are helpful links and resources we recommend with confidence to help you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Adult & Juvenile Diabetes

American Diabetes Association

Includes basic knowledge about Diabetes, helpful information regarding living a healthy life with diabetes, and enriching articles.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Learn more about juvenile diabetes and receive support and information to maintain you or your child’s health.


Arthritis Foundation

Get to know more about how to benefit from movement and exercise as well as how to get involved in the Arthritis community.

CDC: Arthritis

Here you’ll find detailed information about Arthritis including how many people it affects, costs related to the condition, scientific news and more.

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Heart Health

American Heart Association

Know how to take care of your heart and live a healthy life. Benefit from personal stories, news and event listings, and helpful hints to get healthy!

Lyme Disease


Typical symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans.

Poison Control

American Association of Poison Control Centers

Never hesitate to contact one of many Poison Control Centers. “Don’t guess, be sure!”

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